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Faux Leather vs Real Leather: Is Faux Leather Better than the Real Thing?

faux leather vs real leather
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The faux leather vs real leather debate is ever running and ever relevant. Long regarded as a luxury fabric, leather has been used to craft everything from our clothing and shoes to furniture and accessories for centuries, while faux leather is – in relative terms – more of a newcomer to the scene. Each fabric carries its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but which is better? We’re going to take a look at the benefits of faux leather vs real leather in relation to clothing and fashion to see which one comes out on top.

First thing’s first, though …

What’s the Difference Between Faux Leather and Real Leather?

As most of us know, real leather is a by-product made using the skins of livestock animals  processed for their meat– most commonly cows, goats and sheep, but other animals are also used. There are many different types of real leather including different grains, suede and nubuck, and the resulting fabrics all differ in texture and appearance.

Faux leather is a man made fabric designed to resemble the appearance and texture of the real thing. Most commonly it is made using a fabric base which is then chemically treated with wax, dye or polyurethane to replicate the stylish leather look. The difference between real and faux leather is usually very easy to spot, as the feel and smell will usually be very different. However, the faux leather look has become a trend within itself and no longer competes against real leather in the same way that it used to.

Faux Leather vs Real Leather: Is Faux Better?

faux leather vs real leather

Faux leather has come a long way from its early beginnings. Previously regarded as slightly subpar compared to leather, faux leather has risen to the challenge and made a reputation for itself as a worthwhile alternative to the real thing.

Here are some of the top benefits of faux leather vs real leather:

  1. It’s More Affordable

The most obvious bonus of choosing faux leather vs real leather is the cost. Creating real leather requires a complex and lengthy process, which naturally results in a hefty price tag to match. In contrast, producing faux leather is a much more straightforward process, making the resulting products more more affordable. This is especially good news for lovers of faux leather fashion.

  1. It’s Animal-Friendly

Though leather is a by-product of the meat industry (and is therefore not wasteful and not widely considered as cruel), there are those who feel happier in the knowledge that their clothing hasn’t come from the hides of animals. Faux leather is entirely man made, making it a top choice for vegans who appreciate the sheen and texture of leather but don’t want to wear animal products.

  1. It’s Durable

Despite its old reputation of being thin and easily damaged compared to real leather, modern faux leather is now much more durable. Its surface is actually less prone to cracking than real leather, and it can last a long time if properly cared for. This is particularly true for faux leather clothing, which is supple-yet-strong to withstand the movements of the body.

  1. It’s Easy to Care For

Unlike real leather, faux leather is often waterproof and can easily be washed. Faux leather leggings and jackets can be wiped clean or hand washed (and, in some cases, machine washed) without damaging the appearance, shape or texture.

  1. It Comes in Any Colour

While real leather is somewhat more limited in its colours, faux leather can be produced in a rainbow of colours. This gives all fans of leather-look fashion a blank canvas with which to decorate their wardrobes, opening the door for all sorts of outfit colour schemes.

  1. It’s Comfortable

Often lined with soft, cotton-like fabrics and always crafted to be soft and supple, faux leather is incredibly comfortable to wear. Often less stiff and much more forgiving than real leather, faux leather leggings, trousers and jackets provide a slightly more casual but just as comfortable experience for the wearer, without compromising on style.

How To Wear Faux Leather: Luxe Leggings

Faux leather is a major wardrobe-wide trend right now, but without doubt the most popular style of them all is the leather-look legging. So easy to wear and so versatile, faux leather leggings are one of the main reasons why the man made version performs so well in the faux leather vs real leather dilemma.

At Luxury-Legs we know a thing or two about great legwear, and we simply can’t get enough of the leather-look style right now. And, come to think of it, neither can our customers. If you want a slice of the faux leather action, take a look at our top 5 faux leather leggings styles for this season including our bestsellers, our newest additions and our most luxurious looks:

The Bestsellers

  1. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

faux leather vs real leather spanx leggings

Super soft, super chic, super slimming and always ready-to-wow, these Spanx faux leather leggings are a bestseller for oh-so-many reasons. With built-in slimming fabric technology and a soft faux leather sheen, these leggings will give you an instantly sleek silhouette with all the added glamour of leather. Our customers keep coming back time and time again for these beauties, and so do we.

  1. Commando Perfect Control Faux Leather Leggings

faux leather vs real leather

When a pair of leggings promises no bagging, sagging or fading, you know you’re on to a winner. Another of our biggest-selling styles, the Commando Perfect Control faux leather leggings deliver on all of those promises and more. The fabulously firming fabric and built-in shaping waistband apply just the right amount of compression around the waist and legs to create a sculpted, sleek silhouette while keeping you comfortable and glamorous all day long

The Latest Looks

  1. Spanx Faux Leather Camo Leggings

faux leather vs real leather camo leggings

Faux leather fans, here’s your next fashion fix. These camo pattern faux leather lovelies are a fabulous twist on the classic style, while remaining understated and sleek enough to fit in practically anywhere. The Spanx name carries a promise of a flattering contour power waistband and super slimming effects, while the muted gloss of the faux leather greats a glam day and night look with an added hint of camo-chic. These leggings are serious compliment magnets; just try them and you’ll see what we mean.

  1. Commando Classic Faux Patent Leather Leggings

faux leather vs real leather faux patent leggings

Commando turned up the volume on the shine front, and the result was these stunning faux patent leather leggings. Just look at that shine. If you want an outfit to be noticed, these are a must. Besides, they’re made by Commando, which means the promise of the brand’s signature internal waistband and firm, non-sag fabric too slim and sculpt the figure. This is big, bold, confident style from the Commando team; perfect for your next night out.

The High End Legs

  1. Wolford Estella Leather Look Leggings

luxury faux leather vs real leather

Ladies, if you’re looking for faux leather luxury then you certainly found it. The Estella leather-look leggings are the Rolls Royce of all leggings, featuring adjustable tailored hems and a decorative seam above the knee for a super in-style look. These leggings are entirely opaque, meaning you can wear them like trousers and look fantastic no matter what you pair them with. In short, if you’re a serious faux-leather fan then these are the long-term wardrobe investment you really won’t regret making.

So, returning to our faux leather vs real leather discussion; we of course think both have their merits. But when faux leather looks and feels this good, we feel the case is strong for Team Faux!

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