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Don’t Sacrifice your Socks for Summer

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Everyone knows that throughout the year, socks are an essential outfit piece. The weather’s getting warmer and clothes are becoming fewer, don’t use this as an excuse to ditch the socks! It’s time to update your sock drawer with silky sheers, fresh footlets and trendy trainer socks. Keeping your feet just as fashionable as the rest of your Summer wardrobe!

Sheers are see-through socks that provide the wearer with a smooth, light sock experience. These are a reliable but versatile fashion, as they can either have a matte or a silky look. They’re always soft to touch and can be dressed up or down! Available in both ankle length and knee high length. Sheer’s have recently come back into the spotlight with the notorious debate of Socks & Sandals, even being seen worn on the red carpet.

These socks are completely invisible, they hide inside your shoes when you want to go for a discreet look but still want the comfort. They create a layer between your bare foot and whichever summer shoe you’ve chosen for the day, which means none of those pesky rub marks or blisters, yay! Typically worn in low cut trainers and flat shoes, the majority come with a rubbery lining on the heel so that they don’t slip off inside your shoe. These are available in a range of styles, from ultra sheer for the lightest of shoes to thicker cotton for a pair of trainers. No matter your style, there’s a pair for everyone!

Fishnets are back! In full force, and they’re staying for the summer. Don’t be the only one without a pair to wear this year. They’ve been all over social media for the past couple of seasons, with celebrities like the Kardashians, Jenner and Hadid’s sporting them. They look just as good at ankle length or knee high length. The versatility of fishnets makes them great for anyone, they’re adaptable for a grunge chic look, but also for a city leisure look.

These are also sheer socks with a light and airy feel, however, these Sandal-Toe editions mean for invisible toes – ideal for open-toed heels and sandals.

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