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Diversi-Tights: The Nude Tights Revolution

Gerbe Ethic Colours Collection
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When Bianca Miller first stepped onto The Apprentice (UK) with her goal turning the spotlight to diversifying the nude tight industry to ensure that all skin tones were catered for, the nation immediately paid attention. Praise rolled in for Bianca raising awareness of the forward thinking legwear initiative, and soon the hosiery industry began to respond to their customers demand for a more diverse selection of multi-tonal nude tights.

Now multi-tonal tights are available for all from your favourite Luxury-Legs brands including Fogal, Gerbe and Wolford. Each carefully designed to  suit a range of skin tones for that perfect invisible appearance that enhances the appearance of your legs, rather than drawing attention for their off-colour appearance. Let’s take a closer look at what these big name hosiery brands can do for you…


The ‘All Nude’ collection by Fogal is one of our favourite picks for diverse nude tights. The collection of nude tights is accompanied by a chart that helps the customer choose the right nude tight that will work with, rather than against, their skin tone to produce an invisible effect. Simple to use and made from the highest quality materials as always, Fogal are presenting themselves as one of the most informed front-runners in the multi-tonal nude tights industry.

Fogal All Nude Collection


The ‘Ethnic Tights’ collection from Gerbe has a smaller selection of tones than Fogal, but more than makes up for it in quality. The collection includes four distinct tones: Au Natural, Peau Bronze, Beige Dore and Cappucino. The idea of the smaller range of tones is due to the tights being made with the intention of creating a ‘bare leg effect’, meaning that the colours are very diluted so they don’t change the colour of the leg but instead enhance and illuminate the tone of the complexion. Made from extremely fine fibres, these nude tights are not only invisible to the eye but feel as though they are hardly there on your legs.

Gerbe Ethic Colours Collection


Choosing to fully embrace multi-tonal diversity, Wolford do not have a separate collection for their different shades of nude but have rather incorporated the tones across their full range of nude tights. Designed to be barely visible in nude shades and so lightweight that they can barely be felt by the wearer, Wolford’s nude tights are the perfect choice for women wishing to choose from a selection of styles and deniers as well as tones.

Wolford Nude Tights


Another brand opting for a full conversion to multi-tonal diversity is Falke. Their Shelina tights are available in a wide range of softly-tinted tones that aim to bring a summer tone to the wearers legs rather than simply appearing invisible. The perfect choice for warmer weather and adding a natural glow without having to opt for a high denier.

Falke Shelina Tights

Browse our full collection of nude tights at Luxury-Legs for more multi-tonal options.

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