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Catch up with the crowd in fishnets – The Times Article

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Autumn 2016 is shaping up to be tricky when it comes to tights. First, we had to grapple with opaques versus sheer. Now, the question is fishnets: will you or won’t you? Online searches for “fishnet tights” have increased by 35 per cent in the past two weeks according to Lyst, an ecommerce site. Falke, a luxury tights brand, has reported a 20 per cent increase in the sale of fishnet tights since last year.

“Black opaques keep the frost at bay but have the tendency to kill a look,” says Katherine Ormerod, Lyst’s editorial director. “Fishnets are a great alternative to bare legs. They always look a little bit saucy and a long way away from school uniform tights.”


(From left to right: Wolford Twenties, Pierre Mantoux Nassa, Oroblu Graceful, La Perla Rete Swing)

Fishnets used to signal a midlife crisis. Now they are cropping up at every red carpet or celebrity cocktail party; it seems the A-list are done with opaques. The model Heidi Klum wore a pair of classic black fishnets with a thigh-flashing leather skirt for the launch of her swimsuit line on Wednesday. Cara Delevingne tucked a pair beneath over-the-knee boots in New York.


This week, Gwyneth Paltrow wore fishnets and a barely there LBD to an event in New York and Marion Cotillard sported a remarkably similar outfit to the premiere of her new film, Mal de Pierres. Cotillard’s tights were even more extreme, with huge holes that left her practically bare-legged.

The high street is overflowing with options. Asos has a black pair for £5 (, while Topshop has supersized fishnets in burgundy for £6.50.

Wolford’s fishnets are some of the most popular on the market. Its sheer matte Karo tights are designed to flatter the legs with a grid pattern that gets larger around the calves and smaller around the thighs (£31.50, Falke’s are £17.95.

Shop Wolford Karo Tights here

Before you dust off your fishnets, be warned that the fashion crowd favours socks, not tights.

Fishnet sock

(From left to right: Fogal Netlace, Wolford Sonya Micronet, Fogal Netlace)

Online searches for fishnet socks are up 80 per cent in the past two weeks, with bloggers going for the “pot-hole” look, where the cut-outs are round and noticeably bigger than your average fishnets.

Fashion bloggers such as Camille Charrière were seen at New York Fashion Week wearing them with cropped trousers so you got a peep of net at the ankle.


(Left to right: Pierre Mantoux’s Sibila net tights, Pierre Mantoux’s Sibila net socks)

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