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Bodysuit Style Guide

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If you aren’t a serial bodysuiter, you may have spotted bodysuits (bodies) when browsing through tops and wondered what the difference is. If you shop online, it might not always be clear to see – particularly if the bodysuit is being modelled.

The difference between a regular top and a bodysuit is that a bodysuit not only covers your torso but comes down covering your groin area, usually with a Velcro or popper fastening so you won’t need to undress every time you need the bathroom! Although bodies resemble a swimsuit, the material will be completely different from the nylon composition of a swimming costume.

BDS01 – Commando Faux Leather Signature Bodysuit

How to wear a bodysuit

So if you’re wondering how to wear a bodysuit, there’s only one answer, underneath your bottoms! Unless you’re performing on stage in a raunchy number, the bottom half of the bodysuit should stay underneath your clothes. Wearing a bodysuit correctly means that no one should be able to tell whether you are wearing a bodysuit or a normal top.

Choosing the right style bodysuit is important not only for the look you’re going for but, depending on what you’re wearing with the bodysuit, you will need to decide on the brief coverage. If you will be wearing something that is likely to show a VPL, choosing a body that has a thong bottom might be the best option.

20172 – Spanx Sheer Fashion Mesh Mock Neck Bodysuit

Perks of wearing a Bodysuit

Wearing a bodysuit has its perks! If you’re in a hurry or travelling light, throwing on a body to wear as a top and also underwear, just leaves adding a simple skirt and sandals to complete a whole outfit.

Bodysuits stay looking seamless, thanks to the fact that they naturally stay tucked in. So you have no need to worry about your top moving out of place, it stays smoothly and securely where it is supposed to be, with no shifting, bulging or bunching, and that little bit of back won’t show when you sit down. An added bonus, bodies are wardrobe malfunction-free!

Even better, some bodies come with built-in shapewear or panels for an extra smoothing or slimming effect. These bodies are generally considered more of underwear piece than regular clothing, however, there are many brands such as Spanx that are combining the 2, resulting in a shapewear piece with a lingerie look that can be worn as outerwear.

101198R – Spanx Spotlight On Lace Bodysuit

What to wear with a bodysuit

Bodysuits are great for layering! They usually have a snug fit, meaning no bulky material getting in the way. If you plan on wearing a top with a plunging neckline or low cut armholes, having a body underneath is perfect for that extra bit of coverage.

Bodysuits are perfect foundation pieces for wearing underneath a sheer blouse or gown when you need to protect your modesty (modest dressing is bang on trend, see our modest fashion blog). A skin-tight bodysuit stays out of the way and will allow your sheer top to take centre stage without showing more than you want to, like a slip for your torso!

Not only good as additions to outfits, bodysuits can also stand alone as a top. Choose your bodysuit with the best neckline suited to you, and accompany this with any pair of jeans. Don’t forget that a tight bodysuit with skinny jeans can create a skin-tight silhouette, which may not be suitable for your own personal style or in a professional setting. Try balancing out your outfit with boot cut or flare jeans or trousers for a less cat-suit finish.

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