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Black Tights: When to Wear

Black Tights
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A supposedly million dollar question that has come under recent debate is the question of ‘when is it socially acceptable to wear black tights’? While some proudly exclaim that they go as long as possible without wearing black tights during the year, others have been very vocal about their right to rock black tights any time of the year. The rule of thumb goes that unless the month has an ‘R’ in the name, black tights are a no-go, but is this rule an antiquated piece of fashion advice best left to the few who still follow old-fashioned and strict style guidelines?

Popular opinion would suggest yes.

While for many, black tights naturally linger in the drawer until the cooler months roll around, modern women shoo away these rules that stipulate they can’t wear their style favourites any time of year. Thanks to the fantastic selection of deniers that hosiery designers now afford us, women are able to choose from colours and designs to suit casual daytime and elegant evening outfits regardless of whether the weather outside is frightful or not. (If you’re not sure what denier you should be looking for, take a look at our handy hosiery forecast!)

Wolford Hosiery Model

While it’s true that no woman should be shunned for the fashion choices she makes, there are some practical points to wearing natural tights during the summer months and reserving black tights for more inclement weather. Regardless of personal opinion, summer is considered by the masses to be a time for less clothing and more tanning opportunities. Many women rush to the shops to prepare their legs for a hosiery-free summer, and others hurry to their chest of drawers to dig out a trusty pair of cool, and slightly tan, natural tights. They are the cooler option that allows every woman to attain the sleek, tanned look they may desire without the added fuss.

Yet this isn’t to say that black tights have no place in summer. Choosing semi-opaque tights in black can be a classic look for workwear or even to smarten up your evening wear for a special occasion. Considered to be quite a vintage look, semi-opaque black tights such as these Pierre Mantoux suspender tights can be a timelessly sexy look regardless of the month.

Of course, black tights will always find their place in winter, but it’s entirely up to you how soon you start wearing them and how late you keep them on throughout spring! We find our thickest opaque tights and therefore our deepest blacks in the colder months, a cosy classic that insulates our legs against the biting cold. It’s undisputed that black tights are a winter favourite, but as the weather warms up don’t be shy about keeping the controversial shade firmly in your style wardrobe.

Suspender Tights

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