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Behind the Scenes at Gerbe

Behind the Scenes at Gerbe
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Behind the Scenes at Gerbe

Gerbe hosiery has been preciously handmade in France since 1904. One of our most luxurious and celebrated brands here at Luxury-Legs, we have always kept a close eye on the fashion trends that emerge from Gerbe’s design house, but perhaps most interesting to true luxury hosiery lovers is Gerbe’s rich history of manufacturing exceptional quality tights and stockings. We adore the beautiful collections that Gerbe produces season after season, from their stunning block colour tights, to their sensual range of stockings and their tasteful chromatic skin toned hosiery, but what are the processes behind the house of Gerbe?

Gerbe Tights

Their recently relabelled manufactory, “Enterprise de Patrimoine Français” has remained a family business despite the unrivalled success of the Gerbe brand. Using their superior knowledge, Gerbe have turned their traditional, artisanal manufacturing into a fashion powerhouse that keeps on giving. They are constantly innovating, drawing upon the processes of craft that they used all the way back in 1904 and applying those design principles to modern technology to produce intricate and fashionable hosiery loved all over the world.

Gerbe Manufacturing

Gerbe boasts that their hosiery products are 100% made in France, and it’s completely true! Using yarns made in the town of Rhovyl, Gerbe make sure that they have complete control of their supply chain to ensure the best quality materials into their hosiery designs. Sourcing materials purely in France allows Gerbe to have a unique and strong heritage background that complements the haute couture aesthetic of each of their brands.

Gerbe Women

Their commitment shows in their longevity not only as a brand, but a manufacturer too. One of the last few hosiery manufacturers left in France, Gerbe’s processes have stood the test of time as well as their high fashion products. More than 100 hosiery specialists work at the Saint Vallier site, from designers to technicians and quality control specialists that ensure each Gerbe product is of the finest quality achievable. That’s why Gerbe hosiery provides  unparalleled comfort as well as exquisite design.

Gerbe Technicians
Browse the Gerbe collection at Luxury-Legs today and choose from a selection of the highest quality tights, stockings, hold ups and leggings, preciously handmade in France.  

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