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Battle of Tights vs. Hold Ups

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Ding ding round one, which do you choose to wear tights or hold ups? This can often come down to personal preference however we thought we would take a look at which one is the true winning option!

Ultimate comfort

When it comes to wearing them for comfort tights usually comes out the winner. They are easy to put on and forget you are wearing them, plus pulling them up over your stomach is often a comfort to many women.

Winner: Tights!

Widest range of styles

When it comes to a selection of styles you can of course find various denier and colours in each, but tights have a lot more choice. You can find many more patterns which can really add a dash of fun to an outfit

Winner: Tights!

Keep it discreet

When it comes to hiding the fact that you have an extra layer on, hold ups are the winner. We all dread panty lines and tights can sometimes be more noticeable when it comes to this; no one wants to see them sticking out the top of your skirt either! As long as you find the right hold ups that stay put they offer a more discreet look.

Winner: Hold ups!

Sex appeal

Showing off your lovely legs in a pretty pair of tights or hold ups is always going to look good, but when it comes to looking a bit sexier hold ups are the winner! The shorter length and thick band on your thigh just simply looks better than material all the way up past your stomach!

Winner: Hold ups!

Keep warm in the cold

Of course during the colder months trousers are often favoured, however if you love wearing skirts and shorts still there are plenty of thicker tights to offer a warm from the chill. Hold ups don’t offer as thick a material as tights do, plus you can keep your backside warmer with tights too!

Winner: Tights!

So it was a close call and a tough match with more rounds that could probably be fought, however the over winner is tights on this one! Let us know in the comments below whether you favour tights or hold ups and why

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