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Autumn Hosiery Guide: What tights and socks are trending in 2023?

Autumn Hosiery Guide: What tights and socks are trending in 2023?
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As we all start getting excited about pumpkin-spiced lattes, Halloween, cosy evenings and the leaves changing colour, we’re also getting excited about tights season at Luxury-Legs! As the temperature drops, it’s time to get out your corduroy pinafores and tartan skirts to keep your legs warm and pair with your favourite tights. 

Get into the autumn/winter spirit with our list of hosiery trends for 2023 and discover what will be in fashion this season. We also recommend the best denier thickness to wear during winter to help you prepare for the cold days ahead.

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What is “hosiery”?

Hosiery is the collective term referring to anything you wear on your legs and feet. It includes everything from trousers and socks to tights and stockings. 

What is the origin of hosiery? 

The earliest example of hosiery is a pair of woven ladies’ socks found in the tomb of a wealthy Egyptian noble. They feature a fitted heel and a drawstring top. The tomb dates back to 500 AD, but socks of this kind could have existed even before this time. 

However, even before this, there are examples of ancient civilisations wrapping dried and flattened animal skins and woven animal hair around their legs to keep warm in Europe and the rest of the world, if your definition of hosiery reaches this far. Discover more about the origins of hosiery and its development over time in our History of Hosiery piece.

What is the trend in tights in 2023? 

Luckily, wrapping animal skins around your legs isn’t the current trend in 2023. Here are the top 10 hosiery trends for the autumn/winter 2023 to help you prepare for the coming season.

1. Fishnets

Once preconceived with negative connotations, fishnets are making their way onto fashion runways and red carpets but styled in a whole new way. 

Designers pair them with maxi dresses or pointed court shoes, anything that provides a sophisticated, lady-like demure. We’ve even seen fishnets poking out of the top of the hemline of pencil skirts providing a modern take on the classic fishnet look. 

Shop the look in our range of fishnet tights to benefit from this autumn/winter legwear trend.

Fishnet tights

2. Sheer black tights

We’ve also seen the classic sheer tights form the basis of many runway looks this year, often layered with socks or leg warmers or embracing the no-pants look, where tights feature with an oversized blazer.

Shop the look in our sheer black tights collection to complete your sleek and sophisticated look.

Sheer black tights

3. Red tights

Bold and defining fiery red tights have appeared in waves on the catwalk and on fashion influencers’ Instagrams. In opaque, bold hues, designers and celebrities feature red tights in a monochrome look to avoid the style looking too costume-like.

Shop the look…

Red tights FOGAL
Opaque 30 Denier Tights Rouge
Fogal Opaque 30 Denier Tights in Rouge

4. Unconventional hosiery

From footless leggings to eccentrically knitted tights, we live in an age of unconventional hosiery where anything goes. This ambiguous trend pushes the eye-catching legwear into centre stage.

Shop the look…

5. Colourful tights

Many in the industry have written off coloured tights as outdated. But designers have significantly brought them back on the runway and catwalks in recent months. 

Colours like bubblegum pink, mint green and royal purple, in particular, add a pretty and unexpected pop of colour. Celebrities are wearing coloured tights in a monochrome look to match their clothes to their colourful hosiery. 

Shop the look…

6. Glamourous Chaos 

As designers explore the creative potential of what hosiery can be, their efforts have resulted in sensational glamourous chaos, complete with innovative cutouts, prints, writing and bows. In this trend, tights are no longer the supporting role but are instead the star. 

Shop the look…

7. White tights

White is slowly emerging as a hosiery trend to watch and is close to exploding into the mainstream this year thanks to specific designer’s fashion shows. Pair these ultra-feminine tights with your favourite miniskirt. 

Shop the look in our white tights collection here at Luxury-Legs.

White tights

8. Lacy floral tights

Lacy floral tights are having a renaissance. Indie designers contrast this super-feminine style with the no-pants look and oversized jacket to emphasise innovative patterns and texture. 

Shop the look…

9. Chunky socks

Chunky ribbed socks have featured heavily in celebrity, content creators and model styling for some time. They are always a solid combination with chunky trainers.

Shop the look…

10. Knee-high socks

Knee-high socks paired with ballet shoes or sporty sneakers are returning to mainstream fashion thanks to a few designers preferring them to tights or crew socks. 

Shop the look in our knee-high socks collection at Luxury-Legs.

Can you wear tights in autumn? 

Yes! As the season changes and the temperatures cool, tights are a great way to keep your legs warm on cooler days. They also allow you to wear a skirt and stay cool on those awkward in-between milder days. There are plenty of thicknesses to swap between when the weather is changeable.

What denier tights for autumn? 

Autumn weather can be cold or mild, so we recommend changing your denier based on the temperature. On average, we recommend a mid-denier for 3040 denier for the transition in-between season.

What denier tights to wear in winter?

When the weather starts to really cool down and the mornings are frosty and icy, we recommend wearing 60 denier tights and above to ensure you don’t get too chilly in winter. 

What are the best tights to wear in cold weather? 

The best tights to wear in winter will be thick and consist of breathable material to help you stay warm during the winter while also allowing you to wear your favourite skirt or dress. 

When choosing tights for winter, opt for high-denier numbers. The higher the denier, the thicker and warmer your tights will be. 

You can also opt for natural fibres like wool, silk and cotton. Natural fibre tights are a fabulous way to indulge the luxury hosiery, but in addition to looking and feeling a cut above the rest, they also offer many unique benefits. Woollen tights will always be warmer than nylon tights. Our natural tights, made from silk, Merino wool, cashmere and natural cotton also have impressive moisture-wicking properties and are hypoallergenic and extra breathable, helping to regulate your body temperature in changeable weather.

You may also opt for opaque or dark-coloured tights, as they retain warmth better than sheer tights. 

Spanx High Waisted Opaque Tights

Our most popular opaque tights for autumn are the Spanx High Waisted Opaque Tights. With a 60 denier opacity, these tights will keep your legs warm on cooler days and the high-wasted shaper will eliminate muffin tops and firm butts and thighs. The soft and comfortable waistband won’t dig in so you can wear these all day long.

Do thermal tights keep you warm? 

Yes! Thermal tights feature a plush fabric lining for extra thickness and insulating warmth. Thermal tights will become your go-to legwear if the winter is bitterly cold.

Autumn/Winter tights at Luxury-Legs

From fashion tights to cosy hosiery, we hope you feel fully prepared to transition into the autumn/winter season. With a selection of the latest trending hosiery and denier recommendations to keep you warm over autumn and winter, we hope you can find the perfect tights for the coming season. If you haven’t found what you need, browse our complete tights collection at Luxury-Legs.

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