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    Halloween Tights Inspiration

    There are 2 types of people in the world; Those who plan their Halloween costumes a month in advance, and those who pull something together on the day. Whether you’re either…

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    Support VS Control Top Tights

    Support Tights Support tights are the ultimate hosiery drawer investment for happy and healthy legs. Here at Luxury-Legs we don’t believe in compromises, so we’ve handpicked the finest selection of compression…

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    Jegging style guide

    For those of you who don’t know what jeggings are, they are a perfect blend of jeans and leggings. This incredibly popular fashion item provides a super comfortable style piece without…

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    Bodysuit Style Guide

    If you aren’t a serial bodysuiter, you may have spotted bodysuits (bodies) when browsing through tops and wondered what the difference is. If you shop online, it might not always be…

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    How to wear Coloured Tights

    Want to wear coloured tights but don’t know how to do it and still look like a professional? We’ve put together a style guide on how to execute coloured tights flawlessly.…

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    Summer Tights for Work

    Summer is here! Along with the warm weather and the challenge of what to wear to work? If you’re transitioning your work attire from cold and chilly to warm summer office…

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    Guide to getting smooth summer feet

    With summer fast approaching, switching to your summer wardrobe also means switching to your summer shoes! Sandals, flip flops and open toes shoes are the perfect complement to any summer outfit,…

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    Choosing the Perfect Bridal Hosiery

    With wedding season fast approaching, a hugely important part the bride will be stressing about getting right will be her outfit. We’re here to help put all the little details together…