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Au Naturale Challenge: The Verdict Part 2

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In case you didn’t already know, we launched a 30 day challenge last month which involved two lovely bloggers (Tereza and Hayley) trying out some natural, DIY beauty methods from the comfort of their own homes.

Over the course of 30 days, Tereza from Cityscape Bliss and Hayley from Tea Party Beauty were challenged to each test out four different DIY beauty treatments and report back to us with how they got on with them.

In this second instalment of our au naturale round up, we take a look at how Tereza from Cityscape Bliss got on with our 30 day challenge.

Pre-Shave Exfoliator

During Tereza’s pre-shave exfoliator challenge, she tweaked the basic formula by adding some lemon juice and lavender sugar in order to make it a little more luxurious. Also, in place of baby shampoo, our lovely blogger used regular shampoo as she had non around the house. Tereza thought that this homemade technique was pretty comparable to a drugstore version except it uses natural ingredients which are better for your skin. The only real downside to this version of exfoliator is having to take the time to mix up the ingredients instead of purchasing it from a local store. Click here for the full post.

Does it work? Yes


Cocoa Butter

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you will love the formula that Tereza cooked up during week two. Using chocolate, milk and a bit of salt, this method is suppose to provide your skin with hydration and help disguise your imperfections which as stretch marks and scars. Tereza found that this easy formula left her legs feeling as soft as a babies butt. If it involves chocolate – count us in! Click here for the full post.

Does it work? Yes

Cocoa Butter


Thought to cool, calm and sooth irritated skin, natural probiotic yogurt is another edible product that is a hidden gem within the beauty industry. Tereza trialled this technique and noticed her skin was left feeling cool and free from irritation (especially after her sugaring trauma!). Click here for the full post.

Does it work? Yes



Now sugaring was one of the most interesting methods that our lovely bloggers both endured and both had very different opinions on it! As a keen epilator user, Tereza stepped out of her comfort zone to give this natural hair removal method a go. Unfortunately she didn’t have such as great time with it as it left her legs in agony leaving her no choice but to put a frozen bag of peas onto her legs (sorry Tereza!). Click here for Tereza’s full post.

Does it work? Painfully, yes


Here’s what Tereza from Cityscape Bliss had to say about the challenge – ‘It was great fun to join the Luxury Legs on the Au Naturale journey! The fuzzy legs challenge helped me & my readers not only learn more about DIY beauty & at home beauty treatments (have you ever tried sugaring? I strongly recommend you do – on your enemies, as it’s the most painful hair removal method I’ve ever endured) but it also taught me to appreciate how convenient my leg life in the 21st century is – an exfoliator comes in a pretty tub off the drugstore shelf, my epilator’s always charged at ready and my legs can bathe in dry oils with sparkles instead of a probiotic yoghurt.’

We want to say a huge thank you to Hayley and Tereza for taking part in our 30 day au naturale challenge. We hope you had fun!

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