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Au Naturale Challenge: The Verdict Part 1

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As we settle into September it can only mean one thing – summer is over and so is our 30 day au naturale challenge. In case you weren’t already aware, last month we launched a 30 day challenge which involved two lovely bloggers (Tereza and Hayley) trying out some natural, DIY beauty methods from the comfort of their own home.

Over the course of 30 days, Tereza from Cityscape Bliss and Hayley from Tea Party Beauty were challenged to each test out four different DIY beauty treatments and report back to us with how they got on with them.

In today’s post, we are going to share how Hayley got on with her chosen methods.

Pre-Shave Exfoliator

When Hayley trialled the exfoliator she improvised by using instant coffee in place of coffee grounds in order to make up a similar formula to the one we provided. Whilst Hayley didn’t notice much of a different in terms of growth time, she did notice that her legs felt a little smoother with a visible reduction of red bumps which usually occur from shaving. Click here for Hayley’s exfoliating post.

Does it work? Yes


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is thought to fade the appearance of scars and help skin to regenerate. Hayley trialled this method for a week but unfortunately she didn’t notice any difference in the appearance of her scars. Perhaps we won’t see results until a few months down the line, but so far it doesn’t look promising. Click here for the full post.

Does it work? No


Sugaring Hair Removal

Sugaring is a hair removal treatment, similar to waxing, that uses a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice. Hayley admitted she’s quite a pro at this technique having previously worked in a beauty salon. After almost a week of sugaring her legs, Hayley was pleased to report there was still no hair growth, red bumps or irritation. Click here for Hayley’s full post.

Does it work? Yes


Egg Whites

The final method to be trialled by Hayley was egg whites which are supposed to tone your problem areas. After separating the egg whites from the yolk, applying to her legs and leaving it for 15 minutes, Hayley told us that her legs felt tighter and looked more even in tone. Click here for the full post.

Does it work? Yes

egg whites

When speaking about the Luxury Legs 30 day challenge, Hayley from Tea Party Beauty said: ‘My time doing the challenges has been fun; trying out different techniques and crazy ways had given me some giggles and also some quick and alternative ways to getting better pins. Some of them challenges haven’t worked as well as others but you never know if you don’t try right? I know I will be giving my legs a good sugaring before I jet off on holiday next month as that for me was my favourite method.’

We want to say a huge thank you to Hayley and Tereza for taking part in our 30 day au naturale challenge. We hope you had fun!

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