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All You Need to Know About Wearing a Face Mask

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Face coverings have unexpectedly become the must-have accessory for 2020 and with lockdown measures easing week by week, it’s never been more important to each play our part in keeping ourselves and our friends and family safe. There are new guidelines being released constantly which may make the way we live our ‘new normal’ a bit confusing but we have compiled a complete guide to wearing a face mask which answers all of our customers frequently asked questions.

Why Should I Wear a Face Covering?

The World Health Organisation now advises that face coverings should be worn in all situations where social distancing isn’t possible. Wearing a face mask has also now become a sign of the times we are living in, and a reminder to others around us that the pandemic is still present.

Why should i wear a face covering
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#1 Help to Stop the Spread to Others

It is expected that the majority of carriers of coronavirus are asymptomatic, this means that you could pose a threat to those more vulnerable or susceptible to suffering from the virus if you’re not careful. By wearing a face covering when in close contact with people or in indoor spaces for a prolonged period of time you will stop yourself from spreading any unknown germs across the environment and keeping those around you safer. 

#2 Keep Yourself Protected

While it’s not proven that a mask will protect you from those around you, it will keep you conscious of touching your face. The virus is caught through droplets into the nose, eyes and mouth. By wearing a face covering across your nose and mouth you will instantly be avoiding touching any areas where you could easily contract the virus. Additionally, you can feel more confident passing people within a 1m distance as droplets from any sneezes or coughs around you will find it hard to get close to you. It is also advised to continue to wash your hands regularly, including when handling your mask or face covering to avoid spreading any germs from your hands across your face.

#3 Stay Alert to the Virus

As lockdown measures begin to ease and we find ourselves being able to go out and about more, it’s essential that we don’t ignore the fact that the virus is still present. The simple act of wearing a face covering or face mask is a constant reminder to those around us of the invisible virus we are fighting. While there is no proof or hard evidence as to how the virus can be stopped completely, researchers have found that many countries who have succeeded in flattening the curve and slowing the spread are those who imposed mandatory face mask wearing early in the pandemic.

When Should I Wear a Face Mask?

At present is is mandatory to wear a face mask or covering when travelling on public transport, at hospitals and doctor surgeries as well as any other health clinics and centres. Government guidelines are also suggesting that face coverings should be worn in indoor spaces where social distancing may not be possible.

When should i wear a face covering?
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While it isn’t a law, many shops and airlines are now making face coverings a requirement for people over the age of 7 and under the age of 60, with certain exemptions. Our advice would be to always carry a face covering or face mask with you to ensure that you and those around you feel safe as you enter new situations. The government have also been clear that medical masks should be reserved for those working on the front line or in roles such as hairdressers or restaurants where PPE is now mandatory. To avoid creating any PPE shortages for those who need it most, you should invest in a washable face covering or face mask which can be reused as many times as you like.

What Is the Best Face Covering for Me?

Depending on how frequently you find yourself in a situation that requires a mask will depend on what type of face covering you invest in. If you are working on the front line or in a role which requires PPE worn at all times, then medical masks, respiratory face masks and visors are the best face coverings to stop the spread. However, for the public simple fabric face coverings are now available to buy from Luxury Legs so you can feel safe for as long as you need to.

Falke Community Mask Pack of 2
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Fabric face coverings make it easy to reuse your mask as they can be washed and worn again regularly. Most of the masks sold at Luxury Legs are unisex which makes them great options for the whole family.

While the advice for wearing face masks is to protect others against germs you may not know you’re carrying, adding a filter to your fabric face covering will give yourself some extra protection too. Thin fabrics may not be able to catch virus particles from entering your face mask but scientists have found that an added filter layer in will still allow airflow to help you breathe while capturing a high percentage of germs. Our filters from Selected by Luxury Legs can be worn cut in half or worn thicker for double protection depending on where you are and when.

Discover the full collection of stylish and safe to wear face coverings at Luxury Legs.*

*Luxury Legs collection of face masks are not to be worn as medical PPE or in replacement of social distancing. Always wear a face mask while following Government guidelines.

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