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A Day of Luxury Legs – Real Legs Blogger Yulia Tries Spanx

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Fashion and Beauty Blogger Yulia Oleynykova has tried some of our best SPANX products and written a blog on her experience! See her blog below

I have recently discovered Luxury Legs which is now my go-to designation for everything leg-wear. I love everything about the website – from their large selection of tights, jeans, leggings, socks etc. to the fast delivery and a truly luxurious packaging that they provide.

Being a fashionista, I love changing my outfit during the day. Especially if the day is busy with exciting activities! Today I am sharing with you these 3 looks I played with today, created in partnership with Luxury Legs and Spanx.

Outfit 1 – Christmas Presents for my beloved ones. Living away from my parents makes me miss them a lot. Thankfully, there is Christmas – a great occasion to wrap up some special presents and post them to my family, so they arrive just in time!

My go-to outfit for running errands is always a pair of comfortable leggings and an oversized coat. Today I went for these Ready to WOW faux leather leggings from Spanx that make me look very chic while allowing the shape of my body to appear its very best.

Outfit 2 – Ready for some sports. I am not a big fan of the gym, but thankfully there are many forms of exercise that can be done outside a gym. From the very basics of walking or jogging, to the more creative online workouts at home. These Essential Leggings from Spanx make me feel good about myself. So, I could not resist going for a walk and enjoying the winter weather.

Outfit 3 – Date night. Finally, it’s my favourite time of the day – an evening with somebody special 😉 What a great excuse to dress up and feel all flirty. I am wearing my secret weapon- High-Waisted Sheer Shaper Tights from Spanx. They make my legs look slender and waist to appear smaller. Psss… don’t tell anyone!

P.S. BTW, you can find all of these essentials and everything from denim to hosiery for your everyday outfits at Luxury Legs!

Shop now in order to make those Christmas deliveries! www.luxurylegs.com

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  • GWEN
    January 17, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    I recently bought and tried a pair of FOGAL opaque noir absolu 100 denier tights in black. When I put them on I was impressed with how soft yet snug they are. They have a wonderful feel from waist to toe and are so comfortable and cozy to have on all day. Top quality tights at an affordable price.