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7 Reasons We Love Mos Mosh

Mos Mosh Athena Jeans | 7 reasons we love mosh mosh
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It’s been 10 years since denim-focused, Danish label Mos Mosh was founded and they still remain at the forefront of cutting edge and sustainable fashion today. A combination of good craftsmanship, high-end fabrics and the perfect denim fit, Mos Mosh jeans are designed to flatter your figure from every angle and feature intricate details that add a little fashion twist to every outfit. 

1) Each pair is designed with the perfect fit in mind

No two pairs of jeans are created the same. Each style of Mos Mosh jeans are tweaked and twisted to guarantee the best fit. Combining their expert knowledge and luxurious fabrics, all of their jeans not only look and feel great but are guaranteed to last for years, so you can wear them again and again without worrying about wearing them out. 

2) Each pair is lovingly made with responsibly sourced fabrics 

Mos Mosh pride themselves on being not only a brand focussed on the quality of their product but the way that they produce their jeans too. All fabrics and fibres used are considered to be less impactful on the environment and the brand are constantly changing their ways of working to be less impactful on the future of fashion. 

3) The latest collection features all the coolest trends for spring

From fresh spring colours to retro-inspired silhouettes, Mos Mosh has a style for every occasion. While skinny jeans are still a wardrobe staple, straight leg and kick-flare shapes will elevate any outfit and give the illusion of endless legs. Flattering and versatile, this new style can be worn with heels for date night or with trainers for a cool, weekend look.

4) Each pair supports the Better Cotton Initiative 

Mos Mosh is a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative which supports farmers who use water efficiently, care for the health of natural habitats, use less chemicals and respect the rights and wellbeing of workers. When you buy a pair of jeans from Mos Mosh you are supporting the initiative and can be reassured you are only wearing better cotton, organic cotton or recycle cotton. 

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5) Each pair has little details for a high-fashion twist

Mos Mosh are always up to date with the latest trends and ensure that every pair of jeans have a stylish, feminine touch. This season watch out for intricate beading at the pockets, making every pair of Mos Mosh jeans perfect for wearing with tops tucked in or bodies. The brand has also added zips to ankles and pockets for those looking to add a more rock chick vibe to their off-duty outfits.

6) The brand places denim at the forefront of their fashion 

While Mos Mosh has grown into a brand beyond jeans, denim still remains their bread and butter. Their passion is denim and when it comes to fit, quality and details this brand delivers the best in the business. There is no compromising on the design of their denim and each pair is made with all the love and passion as it was on the first day in 2010. 

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7) Their latest collection goes beyond every day denim

This season, Mos Mosh have created a versatile and vibrant range to suit every woman, and every wardrobe. From sleek tailoring that can be worn beyond the 9-5 to catwalk-inspired leather looks and bright denim shades, Mos Mosh is your one stop brand to update your wardrobe for the season ahead.

Discover the complete Mos Mosh range, and so many more reasons to love the brand at www.Luxury-Legs.com.

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