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6 Wild and Wonderful Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

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  1. The Classic Dinner Date

No matter where you are in your relationship, you’ve got to eat! And a classic dinner date never gets old. Whether it’s your first date, or your 100th it’s something to get excited about and it’s a great excuse to take a break from reality and enjoy a meal together.

Dinner dates don’t have to be boring, there is ALWAYS food that you haven’t tried and a restaurant that you haven’t eaten in. Be adventurous and try something new! Eating different cuisines is like travelling without breaking your budget, it’s like being teleported to Asia without having to whip out your passport! Who fancies Thailand for a first date?

More food means more wine! Alcohol brings out your wild side, so if you fancy spicing up your dinner date, add some wine to the mix and enjoy a fun night!

  • On a traditional date, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Especially if you’ve got the right pair of tights to go with it. From a sheer glossy tight, to an opaque control top, you can really play with your outfit here without the risk of overdoing your outfit. Try a few pairs and see what suits your LBD best.

       2. Bungee Jumping

If a dinner date is too much ‘the norm’ for you and your partner, get your adrenaline pumping with a couple’s bungee jump! Who wouldn’t love to be harnessed and tied together and then take a leap at 160ft?!

You won’t get better than sharing the thrilling experience of freefalling to the ground and then being propelled back upwards again, and with you partner! Double the fear, double the excitement! A sure way to liven up the dullest of days, an unforgettable experience that you will talk about long after the buzz wears off.

  • For a bungee jump, you want to dress super casual! But of course, let’s not forget this is a date, so you’ve still got to look good! The perfect solution: Spanx Look at me now seamless leggings. Holding you in at all the right spots, you can really let yourself go and feel as free as a bird while you leap almost 200ft, without compromising on a date appropriate outfit! Pair these leggings with a simple converse and oversized jumper for the perfect combination.

3. Virtual Reality experience at the Shard

It’s not every day that you get to go to The Shard and have some fun! Roam into the city and fool your senses into turning London’s tallest building into a helter-skelter. Take your date up to the 72nd floor and glide along the open skyline at 100mph.

This is definitely one memory that neither of you will forget! Finish off the date with a romantic walk through central London to calm the nerves, maybe accompanied with a camomile tea!

  • A trip to the shard calls for elegance! Even though you’ll be soaring around the skyline, this will only take a few minutes! Pair some smart black skinny jeans with some comfortable heels and a classy top. Invest in a pair of smart jeans that look like you’ve gone all out, that also give you the stretch that allows you to function fully throughout the day! (You’ll need it while climbing onto the helter-skelter) NYDJ’s new four way stretch allows for maximum comfort without your jeans turning into jeggings.

      4. Cocktail making class!

Single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, we’ve not forgotten you! What better opportunity to get the girl gang together and to have a girly evening making cocktails!

A good girls’ night can make you feel the younger, funnier version of yourself. One of those essential days when you can whip your hair back and forth and thank Taylor Swift for the line “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!”. Some quality face time with your girls beats any group chat – nothing can top a group get together!

I’m sure your girlfriends would be the first to like your social media posts about the great cosmopolitan you’re having, but they would much rather be there making it with you!

  • The perfect combination of glamour and comfort, Spanx Ready to Wow Faux Leather Leggings will shape your silhouette, add elegance to your outfit and will keep you feeling and looking your best! These leggings come in 4 different colours so you can colour match to your vibe on the day, or why not get the whole squad a colour each!

       5. Theatre with Prosecco and Chocolates

The perfect date for a mix of glamorous and casual! The theatre gives you the ideal opportunity to enjoy a date with a live performance whilst allowing you time before, after and during intermission to converse.

Most theatres being located in central London make the perfect meeting point and also give you an excuse to get the babysitter in and take full advantage of having the whole night to let loose and enjoy.

If you’re not at babysitter stage and you’re prone to an awkward silence, the theatre combats these moments as you’ll be enjoying the time you do have to talk to get to know each other; and if in doubt, talk about the show!

Indulge in some champagne & chocolates afterwards and discuss the performance and how inspired you feel!

  • The smart casual attire that a theatre date calls for definitely demands a Wolford body. The feel and detail of a Wolford body is like no other, no matter how comfortable you are, you’ll stay looking on point through the whole date. Pair with some smart jeans or a skirt with tights.

           6. Super Car experience

There’s so much evidence to support that couples who spend money on experiences together are happier! Life is about creating memories and trying new things, which memories will you cherish when you’re old?

If you or your partner likes living life in the fast lane, this rush of excitement will be just what you want to do together, although, however romantic, maybe don’t try the fast and furious’ ‘stare and drive’!

  • An effortlessly cool-girl look in all black with accessories will really have you feeling like you own the road. A pair of black jeggings (that don’t split in half when you sit at the super low wheel) with a t-shirt will have your outfit screaming fashionista!

Head over to one of our social media pages to enter our Valentine’s Day Competition! All you have to do is Follow Luxury Legs and comment on our competition post letting us know which of the above dates you would like to go on this Valentine’s Day! Don’t forget to tag 2 friends so that they can enter too! The winner will win the item of clothing to go on the date they picked! Entries will close on the 9th Feb

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  • Sidonie
    February 6, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Very good Blog post.

  • Sarah beattie
    February 7, 2018 at 9:36 am

    All of the above valentine dates look fantastic I’m not sure about the bungee jumping even the helter skelter is a little bit daring,well not for the faint hearted