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Falke – Leg Aesthetics

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Falke Aesthetics

Our brand new Leg Aesthetics collection from Falke, provides the perfect combination of Aesthetics and Functionality. The use of figure forming qualities alongside the active properties, keep your legs looking nice from the inside out. Innovative materials combined with Falke’s knitting expertise has created a product specially designed for fashion-conscious women with the highest standards in aesthetics and comfort.

The form-stabalizing effect also gives your legs that perfect shape, leaving them feeling nice and slender, and comfortably light even under extreme conditions.

Leg Vitalizer – Medium Compression

Ideal for remaining fresh and in shape, despite the limited mobility that makes our everyday life a challenge. The anatomically adapted pressure distribution stimulates the arteries and veins in the upper layers of the skin. They even reduce strain that you get on your legs while standing. They stay feeling light and actively energized for many hours.

Leg Energizer – Strong Compression

Ideal for overcoming extreme stress, in style. The vitalising effect of the anatomically adapted pressure distribution with it’s enhanced range of functions also ensures deeper arteries and veins. This gives your legs more energy and leaves them feeling light and buoyant. It can also prevent your legs from rapidly losing their shape and leaves them looking beautiful for longer.

The Right Product for Every Ocassion

This product line with innovative compression technology makes it possible to meet the highest performance requirements with energy and style. The body shaping collection creates a beautiful and natural-looking figure with unlimited comfort.

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