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Madame Fogal - Hosiery Guide

Madame Fogal – Subtle Seduction

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It is the secret of a seductive woman that she flusters and excites simultaneously. Madame Fogal prefers to appeal to the powers of fantasy. Skin tone stockings conceal the leg, while a vertical pattern creates an alluring effect by emphasizing the contours. The most stimulating fancy is aroused by stockings with suspenders: delicious guess-work, made for men’s seventh sense. Stockings are a facile envelope for female legs and the very epitome of sensuality. They act not only for the benefit of others: wearing suspenders lets a woman feel the full extent of her femininity.

Advice: A pencil skirt couples elegance and irresistibility, revealing the erotic mystery of pantyhose such as Catwalk when sitting.

Recommendation: Catwalk Stockings (10 denier) a unique natural look with powder-like softness, a bare leg look finish!


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