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10 Ways to wear Fishnets This Summer

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Fishnets have been a huge feature so far this year, although they are often thought of for winter or evening functions, this doesn’t have to be the case. Below is listed 10 ways to wear fishnets in the Summer for all occasions.

To the Beach

It may seem odd to wear fishnets to the beach, but fishnets are so in this year it must just be rude not to! Style wide fishnet tights with a matching swim suit or bikini for a trendy summer festival look. White fishnets are perfect for the beach as it gives off a bright and fresh summer vibe, perfect for the beach bar and that cheeky pina colada! Avoiding black, colours such as blue and brown also blend well with beach wear as it maintains the tropical mystique. Shop the Rio Fishnet Tights seen above by clicking here.

Evening party

The style pick above sees an evening fishnet outfit transformed in a classy and elegant attire, completely avoiding the trashy stereotype that people sometimes associate fishnets with. Pair a medium net fishnet with a skirt, loose fitting formal top and an elegant up-do to beam sophistication throughout the whole night. With the right formal top, long sleeve with no cleavage, this outfit can be worn to networking functions, work events and other formal gatherings where you want to portray your best self. To get these classy fishnet tights click here. 


Any wedding isn’t complete without a pair of stockings/stay-ups, so why leave out the fishnet trend here? They’re a great alternative to tights as you can place them carefully in perfect position and leave them there for the duration of the day/night. You won’t need to keep pulling them up and down every time you go to the bathroom as you would if you wore tights. They’re also lighter and less restricting than classic tights, which is great once you get on the dance floor! The fishnet design adds extra comfort in this aspect as the holes make this a far more breathable option.

Styled with a pair of heels, these Stay-ups elongate the leg, showing a sophisticated style with a saucy secret underneath. Perfect for the wedding night. Style matched to a lovely Fogal Fishnet which you can shop here.


On a slightly more casual note, these dressed up casual styles are perfect for a catch up with friends, a coffee or casual lunch date. A Medium to Wide Fishnet under a pair of distressed jeans is very ‘in’ at the moment. Being seen worn by all the great fashionistas such as the Kardashian, Rihanna and other stars. This style can be very versatile and likewise flexible, meaning any fishnet would suit underneath a pair of ripped jeans, from a small to a wide net.


These super casual outfits, slightly more casual than the previous style shown, are perfect for an evening out with friends to the movies. Adding a wide Fishnet to a slouchy top or jumper in substitution for leggings or tights are an easy way to give any outfit that chic edge. A wider fishnet makes the outfit fun and playful, see the very popular Kaylee Fishnet from Wolford here, as seen above.


Wearing fishnets to work can seem like a risky move. However, if done properly, fishnets can add a modern class to your everyday formal outfit that plain black cotton socks just can’t. A knee high fishnet sock underneath a pair of cropped jeans adds a small touch of pizazz to your outfit. A wider fishnet ankle sock with a pair of flats also turns a boring staple into something slightly more exciting. There’s no good reason why fishnets can’t take themselves into the workplace.


Whether you want to wear fishnets to the gym for a workout or not is a controversial preference. As seen above, it can be styled with tracksuit garments for a very stylish outfit, however, exercising whilst wearing this may not be the most comfortable idea. The good new is, in 2017 you don’t need to go to the gym or workout to wear fitness attire. Athleisure is a recent trend that sees people doing their regular day to day activities dressed in workout clothes. Adding fishnet’s to the equation escalates this into a cool kid type style that almost anyone can pull off. A small/medium net is perfect for this style as a wide would be too loose and a smaller net would be too restricting and wouldn’t blend as well as these perfect Falke autumn basket tights.


To wear a pair of fishnets to the park is an incredibly liberating feeling. This comfortable rock chic look shown above paired with a more circular fishnet tight is perfect for a chill out session in the green. A fun but increasingly fashionable yet casual outfit makes the perfect pick for an afternoon picnic with friends. The fishnet tights above style matched to Wolford’s Madeline tights.

Staying home

Staying home doesn’t always mean pyjamas and night gown! Having a games night with friends, or watching a Netflix series with a partner is a great opportunity to bring out the slouchy tops or jumpers for ultimate comfort, then jazz them up with a pair of Fishnet tights. This gives a relaxed and peaceful ‘home’ vibe, also whilst showing that you’ve made an effort and look great for it! To finish off the outfit, layer the tights with an Over-knee sock.


These restaurant designated outfits are different from the fishnet styles we’ve seen so far as these ones feature Fishnet tops. A chic but sexy option for a risque dinner date. Worn with a skirt, jeans, or formal trousers, this outfit can be dressed up fully for an ‘all eyes on you’ evening.

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