Wolford Collaboration

The exclusive Capsule Collection “Wolford by Marina Hoermanseder” has arrived at Luxury Legs after making its debut at Berlin Fashion Week. Wolford’s cooperation with the Austrian designer includes two pairs of tights, a body and a dress which embrace the iconic buckle of the label Marina Hoermanseder, boldly reimagined into an opaque transparent knitting technique. Buckle Tights The opaque transparent knitting technique fused with Marina’s imagination create these dream tights. Soft and comfortable thanks to the elastane, which is knitted in every row, they embrace the legs in a hug like... Read More


The Benefits of Body Brushing

For those of you that may not have heard of body brushing before; Let’s talk about what it is and why it’s become so popular. Body brushing is a technique that involves brushing your skin (usually before a shower) in its dry natural state with a scratchy brush. Although it doesn’t sound so luxurious, any up to date modern day spa will offer a version of dry body brushing. So why would anyone brush their body? Professionals and Enthusiasts swear by this technique and its benefits. Benefits include smooth skin, great... Read More


10 Ways to wear Fishnets This Summer

Fishnets have been a huge feature so far this year, although they are often thought of for winter or evening functions, this doesn’t have to be the case. Below is listed 10 ways to wear fishnets in the Summer for all occasions. To the Beach It may seem odd to wear fishnets to the beach, but fishnets are so in this year it must just be rude not to! Style wide fishnet tights with a matching swim suit or bikini for a trendy summer festival look. White fishnets are perfect for... Read More


Seamed Hosiery – Madame Fogal

Fogal was founded in 1923 at a time of postwar austerity, when seamed silk hosiery was considered a rarity. The harder they were to find, the more their imaginary value rose. But worldly women had a few tricks up their sleeve. Using an eyeliner pencil, they would draw a bold line – the symbol of femininity – straight onto each other’s legs. The hosiery seam stands for craftsmanship. In the business world, it betrays the power of distinction. When paired with a pencil skirt, this black-on-nude emblem acts as a... Read More


Falke – The Perfect Running Apparel

Some of you may already know, but for those of you that don’t, Falke’s sports range now includes Active Compression Leggings! Woo! Everything about this range is pure sports elegance. The quality of the material paired with the fit just oozes Luxury. The feeling the Falke compression leggings give you while you’re working out is one of complete trust and comfort; you can push your limits knowing that Falke has you covered, literally. The advanced technology used to make these leggings includes their compression qualities, which reduces muscle vibration, meaning... Read More


Don’t Sacrifice your Socks for Summer

Everyone knows that throughout the year, socks are an essential outfit piece. The weather’s getting warmer and clothes are becoming fewer, don’t use this as an excuse to ditch the socks! It’s time to update your sock drawer with silky sheers, fresh footlets and trendy trainer socks. Keeping your feet just as fashionable as the rest of your Summer wardrobe! Sheers are see-through socks that provide the wearer with a smooth, light sock experience. These are a reliable but versatile fashion, as they can either have a matte or a silky... Read More


Why You’re Going to Wear White This Spring/Summer

Everyone knows it can be quite daunting, the thought of wearing white and having those pesky stains and see through moments, however, we’ve got the perfect guide for you to wear your favourite white style picks and feel confident, comfortable and classy this spring summer season! (Hanro: Helene short sleeve, Ultra Light Cotton Tank, Touch Crop Top) These three picks are some of our favourite white pieces as they’re largely versatile. Helene short sleeve top is perfect for a crisp professional look, but the relaxed fit can also take you... Read More


Falke – Leg Aesthetics

Falke Aesthetics Our brand new Leg Aesthetics collection from Falke, provides the perfect combination of Aesthetics and Functionality. The use of figure forming qualities alongside the active properties, keep your legs looking nice from the inside out. Innovative materials combined with Falke’s knitting expertise has created a product specially designed for fashion-conscious women with the highest standards in aesthetics and comfort. The form-stabalizing effect also gives your legs that perfect shape, leaving them feeling nice and slender, and comfortably light even under extreme conditions. Leg Vitalizer – Medium Compression Ideal... Read More