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Black Friday at Luxury-Legs

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday. So, this means that this year, Black Friday falls on the 24th of November, 2023.

Why is it called a "Black Friday"?

The term "Black Friday" was first used by police to describe the terrible crowds and holiday traffic in Philadelphia and Rochester on the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1951-52 and in the New York Times in 1975. It now signifies the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. 

It only reached mainstream vocabulary in the 1980s, when The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article attributing the term to accounting ledgers. "Black Friday" signified when retailers would hit their yearly profit, moving from the red to the black in their accounting ledger. 

Is there Black Friday in the UK?

Over the decades, Black Friday has migrated over the pond to the UK, and many retailers put on Black Friday sales for their customers.

What is Black Friday called in the UK?

As it originates from America, Black Friday is also called Black Friday in the UK, even though it is traditionally part of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

What week is Black Friday in the UK?

Often, retailers in the UK will put on Black Friday events that last an entire week so customers can take the most advantage of the Black Friday deals and so stores don't get overwhelmed with shoppers. Retailers often choose the week leading up to Black Friday, with the Friday being the day with the biggest deals. Or, they use the Friday to initiate the Black Friday event, which continues throughout the following week.

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Top Tips for Black Friday at Luxury-Legs

With Black Friday approaching, we wanted to provide you with all the Black Friday hacks so you don't miss out on any of the Luxury-Legs Black Friday deals.

  1. Look through our collections and make a wishlist of all your favourite items.

  2. Make a Christmas shopping list for your friends and family before Black Friday.

  3. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about our Black Friday sale.

  4. Why not read our blog to get the latest inspiration?

  5. Then, discover our product reviews. Did you know we have a 4.5-star rating on 

  6. Start early so you don't miss out on any deals.

  7. Shop by size so you can filter out what is in or out of stock in your size, save time shopping and find what you need in your size.

  8. Use filters to select your favourite colours, styles, products and brands.

  9. If you can't find what you're looking for or need any help with anything, contact our customer service team, who are happy to help throughout our Black Friday event.